5 Reasons Adult Braces Are Worth It

If you think you missed your chance to have braces when you became an adult, think again. More people are now getting braces long after they’ve turned 18. Several celebrities are proof of this, with Faith Hill, Tom Cruise, Nicolas Cage and Gwen Stefani being just a few of the famous people who got braces as adults. Here’s why so many adults have found that braces are worth wearing.

Having a Nice Smile is Important for Confidence

If you’re used to hiding your smile because you don’t like to show your crooked teeth, you’re not alone. A lot of adults live life afraid to smile too widely and let everyone know their teeth aren’t perfect. That’s because your smile is one of the first things people notice about you. Adult braces can help you show off teeth that you’re no longer self-conscious about.

Teeth Can Move Around as You Get Older

Just because you had braces as a child — or even straight teeth that never required braces — it doesn’t mean you don’t need them now. It’s common for teeth to shift as you grow older. If you’ve also lost teeth or had some extracted, the teeth next to the gap will start to shift inward and that’s not good either. So if your teeth are now crooked or on their way to becoming crooked, it’s a good time to find an orthodontist and get braces.

Straight Teeth Can Help You Avoid Serious Health Issues

Having straight teeth is not all about aesthetics — it’s also about health. Allowing your teeth to stay crooked, overcrowded or otherwise imperfect, can lead to headaches, ear aches, jaw pain, and more. You can avoid these issues, which only get worse with age, with adult braces.

Braces Are Less Noticeable Now And More Affordable

Today’s braces are not the same as the ones you might have seen as a child. They used to be expensive, but now they are reasonably priced enough for most people to afford them. They even look better now. Most braces now don’t have the colored bands or large, metal brackets they used to have, and they can even be clear or hidden. A popular example of clear braces is Invisalign.

People Deserve a Smile They Can Be Proud Of

Now that people live longer and can enjoy old age, it makes more sense to work on improving your teeth with adult braces. It’s important to have a nice smile, not just for personal confidence, but also for health and professional reasons. Adults who feel they could benefit from adult braces, we encourage you to get in touch with us here at Pure Smiles. You can improve your teeth at any age, whether you’re 18 or 85.

If you’re ready to get adult braces, it’s time to speak to an orthodontist. Austin is home to Pure Smiles Orthodontics, and we’ll be happy to help improve your smile. Contact us today at (512) 865-5243.