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Braces and clear aligners treatment in Sendera Austin TX

At Pure Smiles Orthodontics, we know you have many choices when choosing your Sendera area orthodontist. But we know that once you set foot in our doors, you’ll immediately see the Pure Smiles difference.

Meet your Sendera orthodontist, Dr. Silvana Gonzalez


Dr. Gonzalez loves orthodontics – she loves the intricate details of creating beautiful smiles and properly functioning bites. But most of all, she loves her patients. She proudly serves patients of all ages, using cutting-edge, comprehensive orthodontic treatment. Dr. Gonzalez considers it an honor to help see her patients’ smile goals become a reality

Dr. Gonzalez is dedicated to ensuring each of her patients receive the very best in orthodontic care, and she has built a team focused on the same thing. Not only do we offer the most advanced orthodontic treatment available, we also work hard to create strong relationships with our patients. To us, you’re much more than just another smile – you’re family.

We want every patient to feel welcomed, safe, and comfortable in our office. We’ve worked hard to design an office that is welcoming and friendly, while also incorporating the latest technological advances. From the moment you step in our door, you’ll be treated as a member of our Pure Smiles Orthodontics family, and we promise we’ll be with you every step of the way during your smile journey.

Orthodontic treatment for all ages

Orthodontic treatment is for everyone, no matter your age. While the American Association of Orthodontists recommends that children visit an orthodontist for the first time around their seventh birthday, we can treat patients at any age.

Orthodontics for Children

orthodontics for children

There are important reasons why we recommend children visit us around age seven. At this age, children typically have a mix of baby and permanent teeth so we can see how the adult smile is starting to take shape. We can also see how the jaw is growing and look for any discrepancies that might cause issues down the road. For some patients, we may recommend early interceptive treatment to correct issues in the growth and development of the jaws and teeth. For these patients, correcting these issues early can help prevent more severe issues from popping up later.

Orthodontics for Teens

orthodontics teens

For some patients, we may recommend waiting until their teen years to start treatment. Braces are almost a rite of passage for teens, and we offer many different treatment options so your busy and social teen can find the treatment that fits best into their active lifestyle. In addition to more traditional braces options, we proudly offer Invisalign Teen so your teen can get the smile they deserve discreetly and comfortably.

Orthodontics for Adults

orthodontics for adults

We also proudly treat adult patients – in fact, nearly one in five of our patients is an adult. We believe that it’s never too late to get the smile of your dreams, and we offer a host of treatment options for our adult patients. You don’t have to worry about metal braces getting in the way of your professional or personal life. We also offer clear aligner options and lingual braces to help you get your perfect smile as discreetly as possible.

Treatment option as unique as you are

Every good orthodontist knows that your smile is as unique as you, so your treatment and treatment plan should be, too. At Pure Smiles Orthodontics we offer a host of treatment options so that you can choose the one that is best for your malocclusion and your lifestyle.

Metal braces


Metal braces are still commonly used because they are effective and efficient. But don’t worry, today’s metal braces won’t earn you the moniker of metal mouth. We use metal braces and are sleeker and more comfortable than ever.

Clear braces


Clear braces offer the reliability of metal braces, but in a more aesthetically pleasing way. Instead of being made of metal, the brackets are made of ceramic. This allows them to blend in better with the natural smile.

Invisalign aligners


Invisalign and Invisalign Teen allow you or your teen to straighten your smiles with clear aligners that are comfortable and removable. The aligners fit snugly over the teeth and are virtually invisible to others.


spark clear aligners

Spark clear aligners are the most advanced and sophisticated clear aligners on the market today. They are designed for use only by orthodontist, so you’ll know you’re receiving expert care. Spark aligners offer the most precise movements and are also the most comfortable and the clearest aligners used today.

Treatment that can fit into every budget

Everyone should have access to comprehensive orthodontic treatment. At Pure Smiles Orthodontics we are dedicated to providing exception care that can fit into every budget. We offer low monthly payment plans that are interested-free and accept most major insurance plans. We even have friendly financial coordinators on hand to help you understand your benefits and ensure you receive the maximum benefits.

Orthodontic treatment provides smiles that are healthier and that function properly, leading to better oral health. We also create smiles that are beautiful, which can increase self-esteem. So, what are you waiting for? Call our office today for your complimentary consultation – 512-215-2520.