Community Service

Dr. Gonzalez and the Pure Smiles Orthodontics team are committed to serving the Austin community beyond the walls of our office. Partnering with local organizations and schools allows us to give back and create a more positive place for our patients and families to grow within the community. Our goals exceed creating beautiful smiles, we make it part of our mission to give back so that our community has one more reason to smile.


Pure Smiles Orthodontics is proud to support a diverse range of organizations within the Austin community, reflecting our commitment to nurturing growth and promoting well-being across all ages. Our sponsorships include:


  • Austin Children’s Shelter: Providing safe and nurturing spaces for children in crisis.
  • Oak Hill Youth Sports Association: Encouraging youth development through sports since 1967.
  • Caritas of Austin: Working towards a community where there is respect for all individuals and an end to homelessness.
  • Austin Independent School District: Supporting the education and development of Austin’s youth.
  • Amigos en Azul: Dedicated to serving the community through police engagement programs.
  • St. Gabriel’s Catholic School: Committed to academic excellence in a nurturing environment.
  • Capital City Soccer Club: Elevating the game and promoting community involvement through soccer.
Capital City Soccer Club - Austin TX

If you or someone you know is looking for sponsors, volunteers or donations for an upcoming event, please fill out a Request Form detailing your specific needs. All requests for use of our photo booth will require 2-3 PSO staff to assist in proper setup, operation, and transport of the photo booth. Please allow us at least 30 days to process and accept all requests. We look forward to working with you!


    Pure Smiles Orthodontics appreciates the opportunity to consider new sponsorships in our mission to “Making Our Community Smile!” Due to demand and budget, please complete the following form at least 30 days prior to your deadline for our Sponsorship Committee to review.

    What is the type of donation you are seeking?

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    Are you or your children a patient or former patient?


    Are you in need of volunteers from Pure Smiles Orthodontics?

    Are you in need of our Pure Smiles Ortho Photo Booth?
    (We require 3 team members to attend events for transport, set-up, usage, and tear down for the photo booth)