Accelerated Orthodontics

With PROPEL® and AcceleDent®

Our practice has always been a leader in adopting new technology, and we will always continue to research and learn new ways to make treatment for our patients more accurate and efficient. In our continuous effort to provide the best and most efficient orthodontic treatment for our patients, we are proud to offer PROPEL® in our practice.


PROPEL® is relatively painless for the patient and can be performed in minutes by your orthodontist.

PROPEL® “fast tracks” orthodontic treatments for both braces and clear aligners. This technology developed in 2010, is a novel treatment that is relatively painless for the patient and can be performed in minutes by your orthodontist.

This exciting technology allows us to get most patients finished in about half the time. While each patient’s result varies, many patients can now have their orthodontic treatment completed in less than a year.

PROPEL® works with the patient’s own biology to stimulate the bone surrounding the teeth; helping the teeth to move faster and more predictably into their ideal position so we can reveal your new smile faster and in fewer visits to our office.

We provide PROPEL for Invisalign and braces, offering complimentary consultations to all. If you would like to accelerate your orthodontic treatment today, ask us about PROPEL!

propel orthodontics

The future of orthodontics is already here

We firmly believe that the next frontier in orthodontics is controlling the biology responsible for tooth movement. The bone structure surrounding your teeth is constantly changing and is very responsive to light forces. Our practice uses advanced orthodontic techniques to apply precise yet gentle forces that can dramatically accelerate your treatment time. This innovative approach can also release stubborn tooth movements and produce more predictable results. Currently, we offer two different accelerated treatment options: Propel Orthodontics and AcceleDent.

Propel Orthodontics reduces treatment time by enhancing bone movement

Often described as “dental acupuncture,” Propel uses micro-perforations to stimulate the bone around specific teeth. This creates an inflammatory response that softens the bone and allows the teeth to move faster. It’s a simple in-office treatment that only takes a few minutes to perform. Once we have performed an evaluation and you have rinsed your mouth with an antiseptic mouthwash, we will apply a local anesthetic before treating you with the micro-perforations. With Propel, we are able to accelerate your tooth movements efficiently, with more predictability, and cut treatment time by 30 percent or more.
acceledent orthodontics


Reducing Orthodontic Treatment Times

You want to improve the look of your smile, but the thought of spending months, or even years, in braces is just too much to handle. With the AcceleDent® System, you can now reduce the time of your orthodontic treatment by 38 to 50%. Using this pain-free, easy appliance, you’ll achieve your purest smile in a fraction of the time of traditional orthodontic treatment. Pure Smiles Orthodontics uses the AcceleDent® System to diminish time spent wearing braces for our patients.
When you apply AcceleDent® in combination with your current orthodontic treatment, it can reduce your orthodontic discomfort and speed up tooth movement by up to 50% with just 20 minutes of daily use.
How does AcceleDent® work?

By fitting a mouthpiece around your existing orthodontics and activating the device for 20 minutes each day, AcceleDent® may quicken tooth movement by up to 50%. This faster movement can decrease the total duration of your orthodontic treatment, and make your orthodontics more comfortable for you.

Is AcceleDent® safe for me?

Yes. AcceleDent® with SoftPulse Technology™ has been proven reliable and safe in U.S. clinical trials. It is registered as a Class II medical device, and is cleared for use by the FDA – the government agency that approves drugs and medical devices.

How does AcceleDent® accelerate orthodontic treatment?

Your orthodontics function by moving your teeth in specific directions. AcceleDent® speeds up this movement using tiny vibrations, called micropulses, to enhance the movement directed by your orthodontics. This has been shown to reduce overall treatment times.

How should I clean my AcceleDent® mouthpiece?

After each use, be sure to rinse the mouthpiece in lukewarm water. Occasionally, you may use a soft liquid dish detergent, mild soap, or toothpaste to gently brush the mouthpiece. Wipe the activator clean with a soft cloth as needed. The metal contacts on the activator must be dirt- and residue-free, and can be cleaned with a cotton swab when necessary. Be sure to allow AcceleDent® to completely air dry before storage. Also, the device is not dishwasher safe, and if it is put into a dishwasher, the warranty is voided.

What orthodontic treatment works with AcceleDent®?

It is likely that AcceleDent® with work alongside your orthodontics. Ask Dr. Gonzalez if AcceleDent® is a suitable treatment option for you.

About Braces

Are braces painful?

When the brackets are being applied to the teeth, it is a painless process. There may be some mild soreness or discomfort after the archwire is installed into the brackets. This is natural, and may last for a few days up to a week.


What is the average cost for braces?

Depending on your type of insurance, the price of braces can range widely. Common prices for braces range from $3,500 to $8,000, with a variety of payment options and financing available. If you have questions about the cost of braces for your orthodontic treatment, we are happy to answer them.


What is the best age to get braces?

There is not a specific “best” age to get braces. For younger patients, orthodontic treatments like braces are most effective between ages 10 and 14. This gives us a chance to straighten their teeth before their jaw is finished growing and while some of their permanent teeth may still be growing.


How long will I have to wear braces?

The length of your orthodontic treatment plan depends your unique needs. Braces may be worn for a time of 6 months up to 3 years.


What causes crooked or crowded teeth?

A variety of factors can contribute to a misaligned smile. These include missing or extra teeth, thumb sucking, jaw function issues, and others.