Advanced Technology Speeds Up Treatment

Austin, TX – At Pure Smile Orthodontics, we know that our patients want to be in and out of their braces as quickly as possible. We are committed to using the latest treatment modalities and technologies to help aid in that process.

One technology that helps us in this process is called DIBS AI, the most advanced technology for moving teeth. Before DIBS AI, orthodontists had to manually place each bracket on the tooth. This was often a slow process as the brackets were placed one by one.

DIBS AI shows your orthodontist the predicted outcome of what your teeth will look like when treatment is finished. Using this information, we can then place the brackets in the precise spots where they are needed. This helps ensure more efficient movement and can shorten the among of time you’re in braces.

Not only that, DIBS AI makes placing the brackets a breeze. Custom trays are created for your brackets to be placed in. These trays are then placed over the teeth, allowing all of the brackets to be placed at once and in their exact locations.

“DIBS AI allows us to take what used to be a 60-90 minute procedure and reduce it to only about 10 minutes,” says Dr. Silvana Gonzalez of Pure Smiles Orthodontics. “This technology allows us to not only make your initial appointment much more efficient, but it can also improve the efficiency of your braces because the brackets are placed in more precise locations to achieve the desired movements.”

DIBS AI offers many advantages over the old way of placing brackets, including:

·         Brackets are accurately placed within 0.1 mm

·         Initial bonding appointment time is cut in half

·         Providing the most accurate predictive modeling so you can see your result before treatment even begins

·         Treatment time may be reduced by an average of five months

Pure Smile Orthodontics is committed to providing the very best in orthodontic care for patients of all ages. If you or your child are in need of braces, call today to schedule your complimentary consultation. Using the latest in technology, we can have you in and out of braces and living your life in no time.