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Do I Still Need to See My Dentist During Orthodontic Treatment?

Austin, TX – Orthodontic treatment is a commitment – not just to keep your orthodontic visits, but also to maintain good oral health throughout your treatment. Dr. Gonzalez, top rated orthodontist in Austin Texas, works hard to craft a treatment plan that will meet your individual needs and smile goals, and, at Pure Smiles Orthodontics, we all want you to receive the very best results. One way you can ensure that is by maintaining regular visits with your dentist.

“Patients often ask why they still need to visit their dentist if they are coming to our office regularly,” says Dr. Silvana Gonzalez. “While we look at your teeth at these visits, we aren’t inspecting them the same way a dentist does at your dental checkups. We’re focusing on ensuring your braces are working properly, and that your teeth are responding well to treatment. A dentist will be looking closely to ensure your teeth are clean and healthy.”

Think of your relationship with your dentist and orthodontist as you would your primary care physician and a specialist such as a cardiologist. You see your primary physician for your general visits to ensure you are in good overall health, but when you need your heartexamined, you visit your cardiologist. Your cardiologist can look closely at your specific cardiac issues but may not be able to address any other problems or issues you may have. 

Your orthodontist is your specialist! At Pure Smiles Orthodontics,  we focus on creating beautiful smiles that are straight and properly functioning, but we do not address other issues such as cavities or gum disease. Your overall oral health and orthodontic treatment go hand in hand, so it’s important that you have a relationship with a general dentist also while you are in orthodontic treatment.

Regular cleanings are crucial during treatment. The brackets and wires of braces create a lot of nooks and crannies where food and other debris can get stuck, making you more prone to plaque and tartar build-up. Patients who use clear aligners can also fall prey to increased bacteria, leading to higher risk of cavities. Failing to take proper care of your teeth during treatment can lead to gum disease, tooth pain, discoloration, cavities and bad breath.

Another important reason to visit your dentist? Failing to do so could prolong your treatment!

“Good oral health is crucial to keeping your treatment on track,” says Dr. Gonzalez. “Having to have extensive dental work done because you didn’t maintain your oral health can throw your treatment plan off schedule. To achieve the most ideal and long-lasting result, your orthodontist needs a healthy mouth.”

Even while in treatment, you should visit your dentist at least every six months for regular cleanings and check-ups. Your dentist can offer additional assistance if needed, such as fluoride treatments, to keep your teeth strong and more resistant to cavities.

It’s important to remember that you are a partner in your orthodontic treatment! While Dr. Gonzalez handles the hard work of adjusting your braces and ensuring treatment is on track, your job is just as important. Keeping your mouth healthy and following all care instructions as provided by the team at Pure Smiles Orthodontics can ensure that your treatment progresses as it should.

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