Getting Braces Again

Getting Braces a Second Time

Austin, TX – If you’ve already had braces once in your life, but are considering them again, you aren’t alone. There are a few reasons why you may be coming back to the orthodontist’s chair. Maybe you didn’t wear your retainer as you should have so your teeth shifted. Maybe you never completely finished your treatment the first time. Or, maybe you’ve just found your smile shifting slightly as you age. Whatever the reason, the experts at Pure Smiles Orthodontics are here to help.

So, what is the process for getting braces for the second time?

First, you’ll start with a consultation. This will allow Dr. Gonzales to see how your smile has shifted and what treatments may be right to correct your smile. She’ll also take the time to listen to your concerns and your reasons behind wanting treatment again. Once she understands your smile goals, she can craft a treatment plan designed to meet those goals. 

Technological Advances in Orthodontics

If you haven’t had treatment since you were a child, you’ll be pleased with the technological advances in orthodontics since then. There are more treatments to choose from, including traditional metal braces, but also including options like Invisalign and lingual braces. 

Commitment and Differences in Adult Treatment

If you are getting braces for the second time, it’s important to go into treatment ready to make such a big commitment. The process may be different from the first time around. Adults often have issues children don’t contend with, such as gum disease or even bone loss. Your orthodontic team will work with you and your dentist to ensure your smile is healthy and ready to start the treatment process. 

Getting Braces Again Would Be Easier

The good news is that while your second time in braces may look a little different, it will often be smoother than the first time. People often have an easier and more comfortable time in braces the second go-round. For many adults seeking treatment for the second time, treatment may only take 6-12 months to complete. 

Alright, now that you know what you should expect before getting braces again, let’s see if you even need braces a second time. You might have noticed that your teeth have shifted a little bit over the years. That could be the main reason driving you to seek orthodontic treatment again, but there could be other reasons that make it even more necessary to seek orthodontic treatment again.

How can you tell if you may need braces again?

Here are some signs that you might need braces again:

  1. You have noticed your smile shifting with age. 
  2. You have visibly crowded teeth.
  3. You grind your teeth.
  4. You’ve experienced an accident, trauma, or tooth loss. 
  5. You’re concerned about the long-term health of your smile.

If you fall into one of the above categories, or you’d just like to see if braces a second time may be beneficial, call Pure Smiles Orthodontics today at 512-215-2520.