Why Summer Is a Great Time to Start Invisalign Teen or Braces

Summer is the perfect time for your teenager to visit an orthodontist for treatment, and at Pure Smile Orthodontics in Austin, Texas we offer a variety of treatments for teens to align their teeth. By the time that your child is a teenager, they likely have all of their permanent teeth, and are ready to undergo orthodontic treatment. Today’s technology has allowed orthodontists to make the examination process fast and efficient, with more accurate results that can be seen by the patient before they have even started treatment. At Pure Smiles Orthodontics, Dr. Gonzalez and her team are committed to educating you through accurate images and videos on what your teenager has and how to address it. In addition, we present you with affordable payment plans so nothing stands in between your teenager and her/his beautiful new smile.

What is Involved in the Process of Starting Invisalign Treatment?

If you think your teenager is ready to start Invisalign treatment, the process is very easy and quick. After all of your questions have been answered during the consultation, only a scan of your teen’s mouth is needed in order to start Invisalign treatment. Yes, only a scan; At Pure Smiles Orthodontics we believe orthodontic treatment should be easy and comfortable. For this reason we have removed the uncomfortable impressions and replaced them with a 3D scan.

The scan is then submitted to Invisalign where Dr. Gonzalez treatment plans the case by moving the teeth on the computer. This assures that the treatment is tailor-made to your child’s concerns and needs. Once all the concerns have been addressed in the Invisalign movie, Dr. Gonzalez approves the treatment and Invisalign starts making the aligners that will be delivered to your child at their next appointment.

Easy Time to Adjust

One of the major advantages of Invisalign versus braces is the adjustment period. Invisalign is a set of aligners that you change either once a week or every 14 days, depending on Dr. Gonzalez’s recommendations. You are able to remove the aligners to eat, drink, brush and floss your teeth. Invisalign requires the patient to wear the aligners for at least 21 hours, so it allows the patient to have the aligners off for 3 hours per day. These advantages make the adjustment period very easy on patients. In addition, oral hygiene is easier to maintain. Some patients have mentioned a slight change in their speech but this usually disappears within the first week of aligners use.

Changing Teen’s Diet

Another major advantage of Invisalign treatment is the change on diet. Basically, there are no restrictions on the type of food your teenager eats!

As the teeth move, they will become slightly sore, so we recommend soft food especially when your child has recently changed trays. This minor discomfort will disappear within a couple of days allowing your teenager to go back to eat his/her favorite foods.

Understanding Orthodontic Care

There is no better time to get orthodontic treatment! New technologies allow us to provide faster treatment, with less discomfort and better results.

Starting orthodontic treatment during the summer has the added benefit of allowing more time for your teen to adjust. Even if treatment with Invisalign requires a little adjustment period, it is still something that needs to be added to a regular routine. As far as taking the first step, Dr. Gonzalez and her skillful team will ensure your path toward a better smile is an amazing one!

To get started on your teen’s journey to an improved smile, contact Pure Smiles today to schedule your summertime appointment.